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How to do a good writing

10 tips to make a good writing:

1. Not block us watch tick tack put our nerves, we clarify our mind.
2. Ideas come to us and we can make a scratch paper to organize.
3. Being able to express ourselves without using a dictionary.
4. We can not expect a translator to do the work for us.
5. We use simple sentences, we can not write like the Spanish.
6. Practice, practice and more practice.
7. Read all texts will we catch more fluently and learn more vocabulary, grammatical structures...
8. Add adjectives, adverbs and connectors.
9. Make an appropriate text type structure.
10. Review the end result.

Graffiti and Street art (reading)

The Story of Street Art

Modern graffiti began in big cities in the United States in the 1970s. In New York, young people wrote their names or “tags” in pen on walls around the city.

One of the first “taggers” was a teenager called Demetrius. His tag was TAKI 183. He wrote his tag on walls and in stations in New York. Other teenagers saw Demetrius’s tag and started writing their tags too. Soon, there were tags on walls, buses and trains all over New York.

Then, some teenagers started writing their tags with aerosol paint. Their tags were bigger and more colourful. Aerosol paint graffiti became very popular in the 1970s and 1980s. It appeared on trains, buses and walls around the world.

In the 1990s and 2000s, a lot of graffiti artists started painting pictures. Some artists’ pictures were about politics. Other artists wanted to make cities beautiful and painted big, colourful pictures on city walls.

Graffiti in Galleries

In some countries, writing or painting on walls is a crime. Sometimes, graffiti artists have problems with the police. In other countries, artists can draw and paint in certain places. For example, in Taiwan, there are “graffiti zones” where artists can paint on walls. In Sao Paulo in Brazil, street artists can paint pictures on walls and houses. Their pictures are colourful and beautiful. Some tourists visit Sao Paulo just to see the street art!

In Bristol in the UK, there is a street art festival in August every year. Artists paint all the buildings in a street. Lots of people come to watch the artists and take photos. You can see exhibitions of street art in some galleries too. There have been exhibitions of street art in galleries in Paris, London and Los Angeles.

Who are the Artists?

Some street artists have become famous. Here are three stars of the street art world:

Os Gemeos are twin brothers from Sao Paulo in Brazil. They paint big, colourful pictures of people on buildings. In 2007, they painted a castle in Scotland!
Blek le rat is from Paris. He is famous for painting pictures of homeless people in big cities.

Faith 47 is from Cape Town in South Africa. She paints big, colourful pictures of people and animals. She likes painting in different places and you can find her work on pavements, postboxes, buses and, of course, on walls!


With this structure you can do the activities that I propose.

First conditional activities
Second conditional activities
Third Conditionals activities
All the conditionals (PDF)

Future perfect

Activities to review the future perfect. Clik here

Future simple

Activities to review the future

This page is useful to study because it explains the mistakes that you make.

I just made a new Voki. See it here:

I just made a new Voki. See it here: (pop into the link)
And here you have the video so you can see step by step how it was created

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Thrissur Pooram

Is one of the most popular festival of India.This festival it`s on the Vadakunathan temple in the city of Thrissur. This year the festival it`s 9 may 2014.The participants are divide in two groups: East group and west group.
In 1798, 10 temples were unified. This temples are divide in two groups again: The Western and Eastern.In the fireworks used chermicals. The people denounced this situation for noise pollution. This has caused the death of several people and other problem is the use of elephants

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The history of Camper

In 1877, Antonio Fluxà visted England to learn how to manufacture shoes by machine. Fluxà started to produce shoes in Mallorca.
In 1975, Lorenzo Fluxà employed. Bored by shoe designs. Created new type of shoe.
Camper was born.
In 1981, the first Camper shop opened (Barcelona)
In 1998, Camper awarded Spanish National Design Award Prize given by King Juan Carlos I.
In 2002, Camper shops opened internationalluy.

Personal details

Hi everybody! My name is Cristina Navarro Lahoz, i like my name because is common. Some of my friends call me "Crisis" i don't know why.
My birthday is 22th of April, I have got one sister. I haven't got any pets.
My favourite relative is my cousin Adriana because she It's the little of my family and It's like a sister for me.
In my free time i usally dance

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Welcome everybody! This is a blog for my English class and this is my first post. Here, in this page I'll write about all the subjects at school, specially English. Well, this first post is short and finishes here. I hope you enjoy reading so what I write about.